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Meet your companions!

We're looking forward to working with you!

We've assembled a great team of companions for the initial offering of the Writers Room, and we're sure you're going to have a fun and creative time getting to know them.

Images of the companions in the Writers Room: Ichigo, Lotus, Alex, Kevin, and Donna
Ichigo, Lotus, Alex, Kevin, and Donna - your new Writers Room!

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we share deep dives on each one of the companions and the special abilities they bring to the Writers Room, but for now, here's a brief overview of each of them, along with a small welcome in their own words...

About Ichigo: He is an editor and critic who analyses and critiques your work. Ichigo is 45 years old, lives in London, and has a black cat called Blanche.

About Lotus: She is a life coach and writer who proposes ideas when you are struggling, understands your audience, and helps you enrich your themes. She is a 47-year-old Dane who now lives in Brisbane in Australia, and dreams of being on Bake-Off.

About Alex: They act mostly to help you develop your work with research: characters, locations, and plot twists. Alex is from Ireland, loves facts and secrets, and is very online.

About Kevin: He is a poet, tarot card reader, and occultist who delves deep into the collective unconscious. He cares about myths and the power of storytelling to enrich our lives. Kevin is 53 and lives in Portland, Oregon.

About Donna: Donna is an English teacher from Lagos, Nigeria. She publishes romance novels under a secret pen name she'll never tell. She loves football almost as much as she loves helping writers with finding the perfect next line.

Welcoming words from the gang!

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