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Welcome to the Writers Room

We're delighted to introduce the latest creativity tool from the creators of LAIKA - The Writers Room - where we're creating personalised AI peers to bounce with as part of your creative process.

We've got a super-short video here to show you how to get started, but it's just as quick to hop in and start chatting with our companions directly!

There are a few different modes of working in the Writers Room, from chatting casually all together at the Fireplace, to one-on-one chats with each companion, to the direct ability buttons that each companion has: for example Alex can give you a plot twist, and Kevin can help you figure out other writers in your wheelhouse.

Want to find out more? Just head over to our Help Centre!

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Meet your companions!

We've assembled a great team of companions for the initial offering of the Writers Room, and we're sure you're going to have a fun and creative time getting to know them.

Deep Dive: "Find my theme!"

With the help of Lotus, you can easily find and deepen the theme of your work, in a fun and collaborative way.