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What is the Writers Room?

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The Writers Room is your team of colleagues who are always available and supportive. They are designed using artificial intelligence and that means they can't replace real co-workers. We've created a new social space somewhere between a shared document and a creative team.
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Ichigo, for example, can help with editing, summarising, and giving feedback. Or you can ask him about his cat. He's your editor.
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Each companion has their own character traits, moods, abilities, and interests. The more you interact with them the more they open up. Ready to meet your companions?

Here are testimonials by creative minds.

“Do you wish you could afford a fully staffed writers room to pitch ideas on your project? Writers Room, the app, begins to give all of us the experience that formerly only big-time TV showrunners backed by studios can afford.

David Zax. Writer, Journalist, Scriptwriter

Working with writer's room was got me firing on all cylinders. The characters were getting me unstuck and giving me useful hints, and I felt I could finish the novel I have rolling around in my head for years now, in a matter of days. Yes, that useful.”

Nenad Vukusic. Writer

“If, as William S. Burroughs said, "the word is a virus," then LAIKA is the most wondrous hot lab on the planet.

John McDaid, SF author

Meet your companions!

We've assembled a great team of companions for the initial offering of the Writers Room, and we're sure you're going to have a fun and creative time getting to know them.

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Welcome to the Writers Room

Personalised AI peers to bounce with as part of your creative process.

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