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LAIKA is the tool I didn't know I needed. I love that it truly feels like a writing aid instead of an overpowering force! I'm still in total control of my story, I just don't have to spend an hour staring at a wall and trying to make my brain think of a third description of the cold void of space.”

Lauren Ring, SF author

“The LAIKA team is taking an artist-first approach to natural language generation. They are making the recent advances in natural language processing useful, interactive, fun and friction-less for non-experts, which is exactly what we need to bring the benefits of creative AI to more people.”

Dr. Judith van Stegeren, ML engineer & AI expert

“If, as William S. Burroughs said, "the word is a virus," then LAIKA is the most wondrous hot lab on the planet.

John McDaid, SF author

Meet your companions!

We've assembled a great team of companions for the initial offering of the Writers Room, and we're sure you're going to have a fun and creative time getting to know them.

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Welcome to the Writers Room

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